Ultimate Results System for Adults


Which personal and life goals are important to you?


  • Improve overall brain and cognitive processing skills which includes memory, attention, visual and auditory processing, vestibular processing, information processing?
  • Achieve better health, physical fitness, weight loss, wellness, increased energy and well-being?
  • Achieve and benefit from deep meditation, energy, focus, and a greater social, emotional, and spiritual connection?
  • Heal emotional pain, trauma, and free yourself from mental health problems?
  • Improve focus, mental clarity, increase intellectual functioning, learning, creativity?
  • Improve self-esteem, emotional intelligence, inner peace, less stress and anxiety?
  • ​​ Leverage your potential, enjoy more success, confidence, motivation, and free yourself from limiting beliefs?

We have put together the most innovative systems that will deliver ultimate and lifetime results to help you improve and develop your brain-mind-body skills. Below are the steps to get started. 



This program starts with a wide ranging  assessment  that includes The Amen Method Assessments and Questionnaires, assessment of cognitive abilities, perceptual skills, visual processing, auditory processing, memory, attention, emotional, stress management, wellness, and sensory-motor integration. This is done in order to determine your history and current brain health and abilities functioning.


Based on your assessment results, histories, abilities, motivation, learning style, learning needs, challenges, and goals, we will design your personalized "Whole-Person Brainfitness Circuit" training program. This personalized program will cover training in multiple areas of learning, thinking, attention, memory, cognition, auditory processing, visual processing, balance and movement, self-regulation, emotional health, lifestyle and wellness.

Duration of Program: Recommended 24, 36, 48 sessions (depending on progress, needs, goals, and outcome).

Program Activities: Depending on your preference, each session is conducted in a one-on-one or small group set-up consisting of  personalized training:

a. Brain and Cognitive Processing, Attention, Focus and Self-regulation, Memory, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, and Sensory-Integration, Wellness and Fitness exercises, and cutting-edge Mind-Body-Brain technologies, which may include our Neuro-Clinical Hypnosis

b. Personalized learning and cognitive workbooks, web-based dashboards, activities addressing skills that are under-developed, developed, and highly-developed/giftedness. These areas are in learning, memory, attention, creativity, comprehension, critical thinking, comprehension, sensori-motor integration, visual processing, auditory processing, emotional, self-regulation and thought system training.

c. Web-based home programs, personalized training using our scientific neuro-technology and mind-body-brain software-based programs

d. Private one on one coaching (number of sessions depending on your system package enrollment)


Providing an optimized training program to meet goals, challenge, and motivation that delivers results is the utmost objective of this program. Developing a personalized training based on the "whole-person" profile is the key that delivers the ultimate results.


We have systems in place to monitor your progress on regular intervals-start-midpoint-post evaluations are in place to ensure that goals are being met and that we are able to attend to system enhancement and changes, if needed. A full evaluation outcome is part of the program and free of charge.

For enrollment and pricing, please send us an email below or at  (For more information on learning assessment and intervention, please also refer to our Learning Therapy Program for diagnostics and private learning therapy session).

We offer training package discounts and monthly membership discounts. The provider's fees and cost of our programs may be eligible for reimbursement through a flexible medical spending accounts and dependent care assistance program offered by your employers. Please check with your employers and providers.


For more details or if you have any questions, please contact us below:



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