Braingystics Ultimate Results System

It is imperative to treat/address the underlying root cause of learning and coping challenges. Braingystics Circuit Training program is the necessary program to OPTIMIZE your child's academic, social, emotional, tutorial, and other learning experiences. FIT Brains Learn Better!  We have combined our expertise in multi-sensory and learning assessment, educational therapy, cognitive skills training, sensory-integration, behavioral and self-regulation training to provide young learners the opportunity to further 

benefit from their learning experiences.  

​1. ASSESSMENT: to understand the intervention starting and targeted baseline

This program starts with a wide ranging  assessment  that includes assessment of cognitive abilities, perceptual skills, visual processing, auditory processing, memory, attention, and sensory-motor integration. This is done in order to determine your child's current level of abilities and identify abilities: under-developed, developed, highly-developed. (If specific, additional assessment(s) is/are needed, we will discuss prior to administration.).

2. Personalized PROFILE: to eliminate the guessing game and informed interventions

Based on your child's learning abilities, motivation, learning style, learning needs, challenges, and goals, we will design your child's personalized "Whole-Person Multi-sensory Circuit" training program. This personalized program will cover training in multiple areas of learning, thinking, attention, memory, cognition, auditory processing, visual processing, balance and movement, self-regulation, social and emotional health.  

Duration of Program: Recommended 24, 36, 48 sessions (depending on progress, needs, goals, and outcome).

Frequency of Training: minimum 2 times per week, 1 hour per session. 

Program Activities: Each session is conducted in a one on one and/or small group lab set-up consisting of  personalized activities consisting of:

A. Attention, Focus and Self-regulation, Cognitive Processing, Memory, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Emotional Processing, and Sensory-Integration exercises.

B. Personalized learning and cognitive workbook activities addressing 27 learning areas that are under-developed, developed, and highly-developed/giftedness. These areas are in reading, arithmetic, mathematics, memory, attention, creativity, comprehension, critical thinking, comprehension, sensori-motor integration, visual processing, auditory processing, emotional and information processing. 

C. In-person and web-based, personalized training with our experienced specialist using our scientific neuro-technology and software-based programs.

D. Access to our self-development and empowerment classes to develop socialization and confident peer-interaction

E. Home and Virtual activities- We encourage our students to do their assigned training at least 15-20 minutes per day. 

Instruction format: personalized one on one and/or small group sessions

3. OPTIMIZE and MONITOR PROGRESS: to increase provider's accountability and proceed with the right approach guided by evidence-based interventions

Providing an optimized training program to meet goals, instill purposeful and guided challenges, and provide utmost motivation and self-development are the utmost objectives of this program. Developing a personalized training based on the customized "whole-person" potential is the most important goal of the circuit training program.

4. MEASURE and Re-Measure:our Ultimate Feedback Loop!

We have systems in place to monitor your child's progress on regular intervals. They are in place to ensure that goals are being met and that we are able to attend to program enhancement and changes if needed. A full evaluation outcome is part of the program and free of charge. We encourage feedback from parents, educators, and caregivers to provide feedback to us so we can make sure we are doing our best to meet training goals. 

For enrollment and pricing, please send us an email below or at  (For more information on learning assessment and intervention, please also refer to our Learning Therapy Programfor diagnostics and private learning therapy session. Please feel free to contact us to consult.)  

We offer training package discounts and monthly membership discounts. The provider's fees and cost of our programs may be eligible for reimbursement through a flexible medical spending accounts and dependent care assistance program offered by your employers. Please check with your employers and providers.   

Our programs address interconnections of learning, emotions, cognition, and self-empowerment

Our programs address interconnections of learning, emotions, cognition, and self-empowerment


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