Personalized Senior Brainfitness and Wellness Programs- Designed to Embrace Brainfitness and Wellness as a Way of LIFE! 

Braingystics is dedicated to creating a personalized brainhealth and wellness programs that address the “Whole-Person”- the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual well-being. Our collaborative signature program, “Whole-Person Brainfitness and Wellness” embraces an individual’s unique brain characteristics, lifestyle, motivation and preferences as well as all twelve (12) dimensions of wellness (breathing, sensing, eating, moving, feeling, thinking, playing, working, intimacy, finding meaning and transcending) to promote a healthy brain and aging and encourage participants to lead a balanced, productive lives. 

A.   Personalized Brainfitness Program: Because No Two Brains Are Alike

At Braingystics, we don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to brain fitness. So, we will take the time and effort to personalize your brain fitness exercises. Using the Amen Method, our scientific, personalized brain fitness starts with a detailed, complimentary brain health assessment. As an Amen Affiliated Education Center (AAEC), we use the Amen Four Circles method, which include assessing your biology, psychology, social life and spiritual life to identify areas of your brain health needing optimization and maintenance. We have designed our assessment to account for every circle, using several in-depth assessment tools. Upon completion of the assessment, we will develop a personalized brain fitness exercises to optimize an individual’s unique brain characteristics, motivation, and preferences, and commitment. Your assigned brainfitness coach will develop personalized exercises in areas of:

         -Memory, Retention and Recall, Focus and  Attention, Relaxation and Stress Management, Balance and Movement, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Spatial Awareness, Tactile Awareness, Emotional intelligence, Social skills, Language

         -You can even create your own individual training regimen with your Brainfitness Coach

B.     Personalized Wellness Program: Because You are Unique

 We know that your unique personality and body need a custom wellness plan for the graceful aging process.  Aches and pains and emotional stress are sometimes known, but can also appear out of seemingly nowhere, yet have root in our subconscious mind.  The best way to unearth dis-ease so that you can move through life with flow and ease is to work with a care coordinator, who after  reviewing your intake information, will make suggestions for restorative health.  Treatments and therapy may include:  

         -Massage, Chiropractic Care, Energy Healing, Counseling & Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Other therapies (e.g. Amethyst Bio Mat, NRG Detox Foot Bath, Compass Nutritional Survey)

C.     Personal Wellness Coordinator: Because Your Time and Experience are Important

If you choose, you will be assigned a personal Care Coordinator who will be your point of contact and advocate. Our Care Coordinators are the most important part - the heartbeat - of the team. They are empowered to be your advocate in making sure that every part of your brainfitness and wellness plan are accomplished. They can also be the point of contact if any changes in your plan are needed to make or if other care providers need to contact and coordinate services for you. They will coordinate your schedules and visits as well as do cancellations or changes if needed. No need to contact multiple providers and trainers at our center. 

Each Care Coordinator is selectively recruited and must have the training and compassion to serve seniors and their families. Often times our Care Coordinators are considered part of the family. 

Care Coordinators do many things. They are calling clients to see how they are doing and ensure that services are done on time and as promised. 

We've set the bar high to make the widest variety of senior wellness programs accessible, fun and supportive. Our collaborative care program offers choices in brainfitness, programs and classes. 

You can choose from Group Classes: Senior Brainfitness Group Class , Tai-Chi, Ballroom Dance, Meridian Activation, Grief Recovery Support Class 

 What does your soul long to learn or express? We can also incorporate your topic of interests.

By taking a collaborative approach, we aim to provide a customized program for each person that includes brain health andfitness counseling, diversified exercise classes, preventative health workshops, and the knowledge, resources and motivation to create a personalized blueprint for wellness. 



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