Fast ForWord is a language, literacy and cognitive skill intervention that uses the principles of neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to rewire and improve—to remediate the underlying causes of language and reading difficulties.

How is Fast ForWord Different?

 Fast ForWord was developed by neuroscientists to address foundational reading skills while concurrently developing memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills. Once foundational skills are improved, they are part of each learner, and so they last. Learners who use the products continue to make progress long after they are done using the intervention. 


Skills Developed by the Fast ForWord Exercises

Processing Rate

  • "Processing Rate" refers to both the speed and accuracy with which the brain processes information.
  • A child has to be able to process many details quickly to be able to follow the directions of a teacher, or read a book.


  • "Attention" is the ability to focus and pay careful attention to details.
  • Teachers may use the term "good listening skills" to refer to students who "attend" and follow class directions well.
  • In school, teachers often evaluate students by how well they "attend" in class.

Recall & Memory

  • "Recall" is the ability to retrieve information from long term memory.
  • "Working memory" is the short term holding and manipulating of information while various mental tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehending are carried out.
  • The Fast ForWord exercises build both recall and working memory, helping your child follow directions better and process small, detailed differences in words and sounds.


  • "Sequencing" means placing the detail of information in the correct order such as days of the week.
  • Understanding the correct sequence helps in the processing and comprehension of the message and information.


  • Phonemic awareness and phonics, including auditory discrimination of sounds and sound sequencing, skills that directly correlate to reading ability.
  • Comprehension strategies and skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar


  • The Fast ForWord exercises help learners more easily attain knowledge in a variety of subject matter areas and also directly impart knowledge, such as vocabulary and language conventions that help with reading