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Personalized Holistic Brain, Mind, Body Fitness, Mental Toughness Training and Sports Psychology Coaching (children and adults)


We offer programs designed by Olympic and leading Sports Psychologists - synergistic brain, mind, body holistic,  mental training techniques necessary for consistent high performance. Applications are for mental toughness, fitness, sports, business, day to day peak performance that include self-awareness, goal setting, visualization, mental imagery, self-talk retraining, mind control training, emotion control  to establish true ideal thoughts, images and emotions to enhance sports and peak performance.  Dr. Arlene Strugar is a certified Mental Coach and in training with Mental Training Inc.

To learn more, please visit  https://mentaltraininginc.com/ 

Personalized PureTrim Weight Loss and Physician Monitored Weight Loss and Wellness Programs

Organic PureTrim Weight Loss and Physician Monitored Weight Loss Center

We are an exclusive PureTrim Weight Loss Center. These are evidence-based, integrative, holistic, organic, complementary programs  to help you lose weight safely and effectively using our  organic PureTrim Mediterranean Health System. These curated programs include  our synergistic ultimate results "brain, mind, and body" programs to help you achieve your goals.  We also have our Physician Monitored Wellness Program with board certified medical doctor in Nephrology, Obesity and Lifestyle Medicine

We can help you Change your Brain, Change your Body, Change your LIFE today!

Corporate Wellness Programs and Coaching


Corporate wellness can transform organizational culture, improve employee health and well-being, and change lives. A healthy workforce is the key to continued organizational growth and prosperity. Stress and negative thinking could lead to performance decline, higher employee absenteeism, employee sickness, lower job satisfaction and a lot more.

Assessment and Screenings

Healthy Workplaces Audits and Programs


Organizational Health Programs

Health Coaching

Executive Health Coaching

Weight Loss

Stress Management

Sleep Management

Behavior Change and Brain Health


SUCCESS UNLIMITED WITH Arlene Binoya-Strugar, Psy.D.

What You’ll Learn

Success is a state of mind. It is the synergistic result of our emotional, cognitive, spiritual, physical and social states that we experience here and now. If we choose to have a positive state of mind every day and we achieve it, that’s success. 

Ready To Succeed?

Get Arlene’s latest book now! Put what works into practice and see your business transform.




World's only premium Mediterranean lifestyle company distributing premium quality anti-aging products in both the weight loss and skin care categories 

Listed in the 2018 Physicians' Desk Reference!


Medical Doctors & Pharmacists have been referring to the PDR for over 60 years. PureTrim is one of the few distinctive companies with all-natural products listed in the PDR.

DPL Light Therapy



We are now offering DPL Light Therapy, an FDA approved infra-red technology. 



#1 Leader in Light Therapy Manufacturer Industry

Amen affiliated education center (AAEC)



We are proud to announce that we are now an Amen Affiliated Education Center (AAEC) The Amen Affiliated Education Center is a comprehensive, coordinated program that focuses on the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of our patients. 

As an AAEC member, we are fully accredited and trained on the Amen Clinics methods and practices at helping patients have better brains and lead better lives. Dr. Daniel Amen and Amen Clinics are world leaders in neuropsychiatry. As part of the Amen Affiliated Education Center, we are able to use the resources of Amen Clinics to educate, assess, and motivate our patients struggling with brain-based difficulties. In working together, with the Amen Clinics, we can help patients struggling with brain-based difficulties such as anxiety, depression, memory problems, learning struggles, weight issues addiction add and cravings. By partnering with the Amen Clinics we are able to provide top level care for our patients who want to enjoy optimal brain functioning. 

Our AAEC affiliation also gives all our clients 15% off of Dr. Amen’s line of brain-directed supplements as well as his full line of books, CD’s DVD’s and other brain smart materials. Click the link below to view all of Dr. Amen’s products. Please use our discount code of ECENTER128 at checkout to obtain your discount.


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