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Every parent wants what's best for their child. Academic success is the desired outcome.

General intelligence tests - those that provide different measures of IQ - offer very little that is helpful diagnostically. "Under achieving" and "over achieving" may be descriptive evaluations, but they do not help diagnose learning problems.

We test learning abilities using SOI tests. If students are having difficulty learning, the cause may be a lack of learning abilities. Learning abilities are more fundamental than curricular skills, yet most "diagnostics" of learning problems focus exclusively on curricular skills, and thus most remedial programs are focused on the same curricular skills.

When the usual remedial programs are not successful, the causes of the learning problems have probably been misdiagnosed. SOI tests offer an alternative source of diagnostic information, and SOI training modules offer an effective alternative by teaching learning abilities.

The key to remedy learning failure is to know why the failure is occurring and to have a systematic treatment for eliminating the cause.

There are three steps to remedy learning disabilities. SOI provides all three:

1. Assessment- Learning Abilities test will identify the student's learning abilities. Tests are appropriate for ages five through adult.

2. Diagnosis- An analysis is generated based upon the student's test scores. It profiles the following areas: cognition, evaluation, memory, creativity, and problem-solving.

3. Treatment - Personalized training materials in the form of paper-pencil and/or computer are available based on the student's test results. Low abilities are targeted at the beginning of the program. Average to high abilities are further strengthened. We will also incorporate other personalized training programs using software and technology brain based programs, multisensory integration, balance and movement exercises.

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We subscribe to the Meeker Paradigm and apply it's system in our learning therapy.


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